Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's here!

Yep, here it is, our fabulous new tandem that has foot pegs, shortened pedals, and a rear seat with back support. Cooper is thrilled, and I almost cried when we got out on our first ride. It's been such a struggle to get Cooper to even attempt anything with wheels- bikes, scooters....the trail-a-bike was a total, last summer I'd gotten to where I'd almost given up trying to ride with Coop. And that made me so sad- biking really is one of my favorite things, and its such a good family activity. But by the end of last summer, I'd pretty much given up....until we got this grant (and a big thanks to you, United Healthcare Children's Foundation) that helped pay for our new bike. So now, we can ride together, and Cooper can get practice balancing, and gaining the comfort and skills he'll need to ride on his own one day. Today, I feel like we won the lottery.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring fun

Highlights from this spring....where to start? A fabulous visit to Kentucky to see Chris's parents, a surprise
detour through San Diego on our return, Easter egg hunting, and, yes, you guessed it, more rock throwing.

Cooper started buddy soccer and an "adaptive" aquatics program this week ( on an aside, I couldn't actually say what's adaptive about
the swimming, but it's one on one time in the water with a pair of volunteers who can get way more out of Cooper than I can!)

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New bike

A friend gave us this balance bike over the weekend, and it is clearly the love of Ian's
life! For my own self, it means I can go on a fairly good paced walk without pushing a stroller or carrying a kid in a backpack. I'm Floored by how fast he's gotten the hang of it!

YouTube Video

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