Thursday, June 19, 2008

Almost a Month Old

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Brotherly Love...


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Who me? I don't have any idea why he's crying....

Fun with Grandparents

We have been so lucky to have Cooper and Ian's grandparents visiting this last month. And we're off tomorrow to see the last set. Pretty cool that all 3 sets will have met Ian before he's a month old!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Report Cards..

Turns out report cards suck. Cooper met exactly two out of of the goals we set on his Individualized Education Plan in May, and exactly one out of three of the goals we set with his speech therapist.

Okay, I know Cooper's doing great, I know we're working hard with him, I know all that stuff, and I don't feel badly about any bit of my world, but it's always a bit harsh to see his delays documented in writing. No, he's not saying four (or three, or even two for the most part) words at a time, no he's not jumping, or following multiple step directions. He doesn't know his colors solidly, or his letters, and he's just barely figuring out how to interact appropriately with kids his own age. So, it's just a bit overwhelming to get it all put in front of you at once. Which, I guess, is why we always try to take him exactly where he is and just keep moving forward- which is all anyone can do.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Pictures


Gretchen and her boys.
So, this was when the visiting nurse came to weigh Ian. She says most babies cry when they're put on the scale. My kid- he falls asleep!
Check out my cute new outfit- I had to wear it to the farmers' market.