Sunday, October 10, 2010


Many of you know how well-loved the Wiggles are in our house. Cooper's been a fan for a good long time- running to get his pirate costume on when Captan Feathersword appears; singing along with all the songs; and lots and lots of pretending to wake Jeff up. SO, when we saw that they were coming to Everett, we had to go. Chris and I were a little nervous, because Cooper has a history of flipping out at big loud events. BUT, it was a total success- he smiled the whole time. We'll definitely be going again.

Fall Fun

We're settling in to the school year- lots and lots of changes for our family this year, and I have to say all of them have been great. It's the first year in a long time where I feel like things are actually easier than last year. Cooper's loving school, and volunteering once a week has really helped me feel like I know how things are going for him & how he fits into the classroom. I had a very sweet phone call Friday night from the mom of a girl in his class. They'd been talking about Cooper, and a potential playdate next week. The little girl says to her mom, "You know what's special about Cooper, Mom? He's always smiling. Even when people are upset or grumpy, Cooper's still smiling." Made my heart so happy to hear that!
Cooper's joined the band at the annual Buddy Walk

One last fall party (chasing chickens was a highlight!)

...notice that Ian couldn't be bothered with the cooking part.

My first friend in college, Jordan, who lives in Anchorage showed up w/his wife for a quick visit- first time in 15 years I've seen him.

Fun in the hammock!