Thursday, April 22, 2010


And, I stumbled upon it and wondered if it might be a match for Cooper. It's advertised as an adaptive soccer program, but the age range is 5-19, so I thought it might be something Cooper wasn't ready for yet. But hey, it's free, so off we went...
Cooper LOVED it! He talked about it the whole way there:
"Cooper play soccer. Like big boys!"
"And Barney and Wiggles play soccer, too!"
"No, probably not," I say.
"Oh darn..." (My new favorite Cooper phrase.)

We get there, and there are our friends Amy and Max. Let me just say, here, that Cooper talks about these two more than anyone else in our lives (sorry grandparents..). I know he likes Max, but frankly, I think he's in love with Amy- in fact, as we left, he had to hold her hand (nevermind the water bottle.."Move that!" he declared.) And then when I tried to hold his other hand he says, "No, just one" [hand].
Finally, at the car, he tried to talk us into a trade: he'd go home w/Amy and he'd volunteer his spot at our house for Max. The only way we got him out of Max's carseat was to promise a pizza date with them next week.

But, back to soccer...he had a blast- his buddy, Lucy, is terrific, and he still hasn't taken off his soccer dress--- I mean shirt (somehow we wound up with a youth large.)
So, there's this program: Top Soccer

Hurray! (and thanks to Amy for actually bringing her camera