Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Tour

I was realizing this summer that the first time I was in Bellingham was almost 20 years ago....I came and went for a few years before settling there in 1996...and I love it there. That said, I would really appreciate someone figuring out a teleport system so that I could see my family more often- I know, it's a lot to ask, but there it is. Until that happens, we spend pretty well exactly half of our summer on tour visiting with our families in their various locations. Over time, we've learned that the best strategy for our little family's survival is not to come back to Bellingham until we're totally done- limited transitions, and no wasted summertime in Bellingham packing and unpacking. So far, it's working.
Here are some highlights:
North Carolina Cousins

Cooling off at the creek.

Fireworks on the culdesac - Ian stayed inside after the first big boom.

Road Trip to Kentucky
Did I mention that it was 110 degrees out that day?

These goody bags had a bunch of random treats, and we played treasure hunt- taking turns describing each item, and then eating that one.

A lunch stop at Cracker Barrel - a good ol' Southern restaurant chain.

The boys and Aunt Libby- one of their many fabulous aunties!

Chris and his dad's fishing catch.

More cousins- Ben & Molly

A buffalo traffic jam

Chris and his sisters, Libby & Beck.

San Diego

A special visit from Aunt Sandi, who came out from New York to see everyone ( and tried to smuggle Ian home in her suitcase.)

Pop pop and Nana took all 5 cousins out on a pirate ship adventure- brave souls!

Date night!

Bowling with Grandpa Tom

It's hard to tell, but this is a "rock" on one of the playgrounds, that's probably 8 feet tall. Cooper climbed all the way to the top, with some coaching from me, and more importantly, all the way down!

Two pinheads, as Chris would say!

Location:North Carolina, Kentucky, San Diego

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It was cold all weekend, and rumors of snow kept surfacing.Sunday was clear- we met some friends out for happy hour at the Copper Hog after a late afternoon hike by Boone's Pond. 


Monday morning, we woke up to snow, and happy, happy children. Ian was outside as soon as he could get dressed, with Cooper close behind. We had a great afternoon sledding with our neighbors at a nearby hill, and had some friends over for a new dinner: Jap Chae- a Korean dish made with sweet potato starch noodles-delicious! Here's the recipe:

We had a snow day today- the boys made a big snowman in our back yard, and both boys tried out. A neighbor's little skis (with questionable results....)

They're calling for more snow tonight, so who knows if we'll have school again tomorrow.  My goal is to get out skiing in the neighborhood before the snow melts away.

Happy winter!