Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is Here

In Bellingham, Mondays are the general Early Release day for the school district. For preschool and kindergarten, that means no school, so yesterday we joined a group of friends for a tour of one of the apple orchards in our county. The kids got to take a tour of the orchard by golf cart, see the cider press and sorting tables, and sample four kinds of apples. It was a great day!

Cooper, in his new "afraid of everything" mode, had to be really convinced to ride on the cart, but once he was on, he was happy.


Every time we stopped, he'd get out of our cart and go find someone else to ride with.



We asked them to hold hands in the sorting room. Coop was on the end, so he grabbed the leader's hand, trying to start a game of Ring Around the Rosie.


He saw the raised display area with the gourds, said, "Show!" and did a great dance!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A career possibility?

My current favorite pictures. Cooper and I were on a walk in the neighborhood, when he spotted this sign. He picked it up, and stood on the sidewalk facing the road and swinging it around like those guys with the ad boards on the curb! Quite pleased with himself about it, too!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coming home

We've been in San Diego for 3 weeks, and out of our house since June 26th-avoiding the dust and the damage from our kitchen addition. Tomorrow night, finally, we really get to go home. Ironically, we'll be there about 7 hours, before bringing Cooper to St. Joseph's Hospital for the adeniod/tonsil surgery that we hope will decrease his chronic school year sinus infections. My dad says he's going to equate vacations w/surgeries from now on, and refuse to leave the house. I say, he's going to equate surgery with unlimited ice cream, and ask to go back to the hospital whenever he's feeling deprived of ice cream. (If you're a Facebook frequenter, sorry for the repeat. It's late.) I'm failing miserably to keep track of both my camera, and the cord needed to upload pictures, but I'll work on it.